Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair.

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 Let's talk about the CROWN Act.

Three States have passed the CROWN Act: California,New York and New  Jersey.

The city of Cincinnati, Ohio ,Montgomery County and MD have also passed the  CROWN Act in those local and county municipalities.

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Why is this so important? 

Currently, it is legal to discriminate against a person in the workplace or in schools because of their natural or protective hairstyle in all states except for California, New York, and New Jersey. Hair discrimination remains a source of racial injustice with serious economic consequences for Black people. The CROWN Act corrects these racial injustices by making hair discrimination illegal.

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For more information about California Senate Bill 188 view here:

For more information about New York Senate Bill 6209A view here:

For more information about New Jersey Senate Bill 3945 view here:

In just one week, three states around the nation introduced or advanced bills that would ban hair discrimination.

The bills are part of a national effort known as the CROWN Act, which stands for "Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair" and seeks to ensure protection against discrimination based on hair texture and protective styles.

The Colorado state House passed the CROWN Act on Wednesday, and the state Senate introduced the bill on Thursday.

The same day, Washington state House passed a billthat would prohibit employers and schools from discriminating against people over hairstyles and textures including afros, braids, locks and twists. The bill was introduced in the state Senate on Friday.

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Hair Love " took home an Oscar on Sunday night for best animated short. The heartwarming animation tells the sweet story of an African American father who learns how to do his little girl's hair for the first time.

Former NFL player Matthew A. Cherry, who is behind the touching short film, said "Hair Love" was done "because we wanted to see more representation in animation, we wanted to normalize black hair."

"There is a very important issue that's out there — it's the CROWN Act. And if we can help to get this passed in all 50 states it will help stories like DeAndre Arnold's," Cherry said as he accepted his award.

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